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Fixed Submission bugs for Gallery, News, Tutorials, DVDs - 02/20/06

We had a bug that causing problems on submissions that is now fixed.  If you submitted a gallery image, dvd, or news in the last few days, please submit again. Read Full Story


Added Spell Check to message boards - 01/18/06

We've now added spell check to the message boards. Click on the icon on the post gui, and you will see a window pop up that lets you correct: Read Full Story


Made changes to message boards - 01/16/06

Made changes to the message boards including fixed over 50 outstanding bugs. Major bug that did not show "new posts" icons even when there were new posts in a forum.Also made design changes.More tweaking on design and performance still happening.Will Read Full Story


Added expanded "Boxes" view to all downloads areas - 01/11/06

As request, a bit like the old site layout, you can now choose the view you prefer when listing downloads. The new option is called "boxes", default is "list" and you can find it in the "VIEW" drop down, top right on the page you are on (under downloads of a specific software section.. ie: Maya -> Downloads -> Melscripts -> Animation).The boxes view is a preview of the first paragraph of description. Images from the description are not shown.BOXES View:LIST View Read Full Story


Fixed problem with mail not sending - 01/05/06

There was an issue where mail got stuck in the queue.  This issue is now fixed. Read Full Story


Added new forums to the site - 01/03/06

We have added a few new forums:Motion BuilderRenderman For Maya PluginSoundtrack ProPaying Jobs:  Administration / ManagementPaying Jobs:  Audio Read Full Story


Happy New Year! - 01/01/06

Happy new year all Highend3d users!Thank you for supporting us through another wonderful year.  We've added an amazing amount of new features in 2005, 2006 we will now be focusing on showing how to utilize these features and building up content in all the new areas that you've seen.  2005 was our best year ever statistically and 2006 will be even better!Look forward to more exciting news and resources!Will Read Full Story


Split paying jobs into 3d and 2d sections - 12/14/05

I split the "Paying Jobs" job section into 2 different job forum areas.  We now have:3d jobs Forum and 2d jobs (Video, Compositing, Roto, Paint, Photo) Forum Read Full Story