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Embedded 3D Tracking for Shake 4.0 available now - 08/16/05

PFMatch 2.0 for Apple's Shake 4.0 was launched at the Shake user group during this years Siggraph in LA. Incorporating technology from the market leading tracking and analysis system PFTrack, PFMatch 2.0 provides Shake users with a fully integrated 3D tracking environment to complement Shake 4.0 Read Full Story


MetropoLight (MLT renderer) available for download - 08/16/05

MetropoLight is a simple freeware global illumination rendering program that uses the Metropolis Light Transport algorithm to render images.MLT is a Monte Carlo method for solving the light transport problem. It is inspired by the Metropolis sampling method in computational physics.In short, a sequence of light transport paths is generated (based on Monte Carlo Markov Chain sampling) by randomly mutating a single current path. The probability density of visiting each path is proportional to its contribution to the final image. This algorithm has the particularity to be unbiased and can be orders of magnitude more efficient than previous unbiased approaches. It is highly recommended fo... Read Full Story


Welcome to Highend3d V5 - 08/17/05

Welcome everyone to v5. It has been 2 years in the making. If you've noticed that we hadn't been adding many tutorials or other features it was not because we are heading away from that direction it was because we have been developing. Developing a system that is far more advanced than what we were in the past. The new direction for the site encompasses everything from downloads, news, events, articles, features, interviews, reviews, fully hosted tutorials, faqs, feature requests, galleries, ist servers, school listings, books, to our new dvd section.Now every section has its own home page that will filter the latest updates and additions for that section, relating... Read Full Story


Alias Ships Motion Builder 7 - 08/30/05

Alias MotionBuilder 7 now shipping3D character animation productivity suite for game, film and broadcast production allows artists to rapidly produce high volumes of quality animated contentToronto, Canada Read Full Story


Winners of the 'Design Your Dream House' Contest - 08/30/05

3DAllusions is proud to announce the winners of the 'Design Your Dream House' Contest! Read Full Story


XSI 5 Comprehensive Feature Review - 08/30/05

For those of you that want to know more about XSI 5.A GIANT feature review of XSI 5 has been posted at  Here is the Link It covers everything like the 64 bit version, dynamics, rendering, interface, SDK, scripting, texturing, animation, modeling and even the new Maya XSI tools. Plus a lot more. Read Full Story


Hurricane Katrina victims need our help - 09/01/05

Hurricane Katrina has left many cities in the Southern United States completely destroyed.  These cities are having to be evacuated and the people will not be able to return for months.  In the areas like the superdome where people have been sent to there is not enough food, water, or medical supplies and people are dying in the streets while waiting for help.  There are also thousands missing throughout the states and people are stranded.This is one the most devistating disasters our country has even seen.  These people need our help.  Please give anything you can.  Below is a list of charities you can give to:American Red Cross: tels. (800) HELP-NOW, for an... Read Full Story


Massive Software Launches Massive Jet - 09/01/05

Massive Software has announced Massive Jet, a new agent 3D animation application designed to aid in the creation of large-scale, believable digital crowd shots "out of the box," with high quality and a low learning curve. A full-functioning package priced less than $6000, Massive Jet leverages the company's Academy Award-winning artificial life-based technology, pre-built Ready-to-Run Agent library, and GPU-accelerated rendering support to enable animators and artists to quickly and easily produce realistic Massive scenes.For more information check these links: Read Full Story


A new trailer for Rainbow 6 Lockdown - 09/02/05

From our friends at UbisoftA new trailer for Rainbow 6 Lockdown was posted today. It's cuts between in game and our cinematic footage. Hope you like it: Link Read Full Story


Animation Festival submission - Cineme? - 09/07/05

I've been looking into the possibility of submitting an animated short or two to this year's Cineme Festival. Acceptance of my work means exposure toanimation/film professionals acting as jurors aswell as having my piece(s) broadcast on televisionand distributed on a compilation DVD. As far as I can tell, submission is free. Sounds good so far.   What concerns me is the barrage of contractual legalesethat cineme makes you agree to for the submission. (Youcan find it at - scroll to the bottom and you'll see a series of windows with said verbiage.)   It seems like the agreement is to sign your life awayand seems excessive from my layman perspe... Read Full Story


Alias Celebrates Six New Maya Masters - 09/07/05

Maya Read Full Story


New CG Movie -Highly Realistic and Very Serious - 09/09/05

Well- this is the first time I've seen this type of film attempted in that, unlike Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, this is set in a very realistic historic context. It's somehow a cross-story between Anne Frank and Emily Dickinson (two very cheery subjects, no?). Anyway---from what I gather form the synopsis the overall treatment reminds me a little of the interconnected stories in The Hours. Aside form getting to cast a near replica of Anne Frank (because she's all CG) I don't entirely get why a film maker would want to do a project in this manner. Realistic humans have been almost universally doomed to failure in CG films (although Polar Express seemed to do pretty well this past Chr... Read Full Story


Really funny short animated spots for Milk Board of Canada - 09/13/05

Have a look at these spots for The Milk Board of Canada. They were directed by the fellow who did the somewhat bizarre 50% grey animation. They are excellent and have a lot of character. on "Ideas" then the last link. Read Full Story


Bareknuckle Sofware Releases ImageWrangler - 09/15/05

AUSTIN, TX - September 15, 2005 - Bareknuckle Software today announced the immediate availability of ImageWrangler, the premier tool for managing image sequences. A time-limited demo is available for download from the company's website. ImageWrangler features an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly manipulate a sequence of images as easily as a single file. It is built on a robust sequence identification algorithm, and is both fast and lightweight. ImageWrangler also integrates seamlessly with most popular image viewers and flipbook utilities. Features include: rename, copy, move and delete images and image sequences easily renumber and "repad" ima... Read Full Story


Pixologic releases Zbrush 2 Learning Edition - 09/19/05

Los Angeles, CA Read Full Story


DigArts Releases Jungle DVD - 09/20/05

DigArts Rumble In The Jungle Jungle DVD offers high speed imaging tools for art pros. CHICO, CA - September 20, 2005 - DigArts Software announces the release of their newest collection of high-speed paints for art professionals using Corel Painter or Paint Shop Pro. "Jungle DVD is a massive upgrade to our Jungle series," said Dennis Berkla, president of DigArts Software. "It adds over 800 new nozzles and tubes that render forests, trees and gardens better than ever, whether as textures for 3D game environments, film effects and architectural visualizations or for photo retouching, illustration and fine art. I like to think of it as our rumble in the imaging jungle ... Read Full Story


New Maya Plugin - Structure analysis with Maya, CS-FEM - 09/20/05

Innovative. Structural study with Maya. It is for architects and designers. You can sketch out and detect a new creative architectural space without engineers.  It is difficult to input objects in structural design programs so even though 3D models can be imported from other CAD programs, the imported model may not be in an editable form. It is also difficult to iterate in 3D modeling, designing and presentation. Architects and designers want to design more quickly on the desktop before the more accurate design phase.With the CS-FEM plug-in, Maya is the best structure analysis software for architects and designers. The CS-FEM plug-in for Maya is the simplest program for structural ... Read Full Story


Polyboost 2.0 for 3dsmax released - 09/21/05

PolyBoost 2.0 for 3dsmax has been released!! This is a major upgrade for the PolyBoost tools with many new additions and improvements. Here is a movie that shows off the features best: (42,6 MB, 624x596, 8.45 min) Showing PolyDraw, Modelling, Viewport Canvas, UVW Tweak These videos are encoded with the Techsmith codec, get it here: Techsmith codec Here is an overview of the new features included in PolyBoost 2.0 PolyDraw     PolyDraw enhanced. Huge imporovements in speed, accuracy and workflow. A large amount of new useful tools to work with. Topology br... Read Full Story


e frontier Announces Shade 8 - 09/21/05

Scotts Valley, CA,  - e frontier, formerly Curious Labs, publishers of the popular graphic design software Poser announced today that they have released the electronic download of Shade 8, a new version of its very powerful 3D modeling and rendering software. Shade 8 features network rendering, stronger modeling tools including polygon mesh editing, better integration with Poser, a new Toon renderer, faster Radiosity calculation and an improved Callisto renderer. Shade 8 boxed versions are planned to be available within a week.   Shade imports many popular CAD formats to create sophisticated high-end renderings. The software has been a long-time market leader in Japan for over... Read Full Story


superhero physics - 09/21/05

good interview at   from that show again.  this time it was a really good conversation about the physics of superheroes, and yes, with an actual physicist and nothing less.  he even wrote a book about it.  you can listen to the archived show online through the website.  [in fact, check out the whole archived show listen.  stunning amount of information, and each show has links at the bottom.  as if none of us didn't already spend enough time in front of our computers..]     "And finally -- we'll take a lighter look at superhero physics. How much ... Read Full Story


SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0 Now Available - 09/26/05

Latest version of 3-D digital character and visual effects software delivers advanced character tools and easy migration paths for Maya users   Tewksbury, Mass. Read Full Story


Pixar reveals it's Escape Plan - 09/29/05

Pixar Appoints Escape Studios European Reseller and Training Partner London: September 28th 2005: Escape Studios and Pixar Animation Studios today announced a joint partnership to provide sales, training, and support services for Pixar Read Full Story


Alias FBX SDK to Support COLLADA - 09/29/05

Alias Read Full Story


Side Effects Software Announces Houdini 8 Public Beta - 10/03/05

Side Effects Software, is pleased to announce the availability of Houdini 8 in public beta. Houdini 8 delivers many significant enhancements to its expanding CG artist community with particular emphasis on dynamics, lighting and character animation. CG artists from around the world can DOWNLOAD the Houdini 8 public beta and run it for free as part of the Houdini Apprentice Program and learn about all the new features. Houdini Dynamics The Houdini 8 dynamics architecture is a powerful new addition to Houdinis already renowned particle and effects capabilities. With rigid body, cloth and wire dynamics solvers available with Houdini 8, studios will have a wide range of options ... Read Full Story


eyeon Software Is Shipping Fusion 5! - 10/03/05

Toronto, Ontario - October 3, 2005 - eyeon Software Inc. is now shipping their core compositing application, Fusion 5. Fusion 5's staple features include: 3D compositions with lights, cameras and primitives, OpenGL acceleration with display views, and an essential change to ASCII files. These, and all of Fusion 5's advanced features, are the result of significant artist feedback. eyeon Software maintains a close relationship with their clients, using their requests as a platform to the application's development. eyeon would like to thank all of the people that made Digital Fusion become Fusion 5. The beta testers, their growing community of talented artists and eyeon's dedicated st... Read Full Story


Autodesk Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Alias - 10/04/05

Autodesk Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire AliasAcquisition to Extend Autodesk's 3D Graphics Leadership in the Manufacturing and Media and Entertainment Industries SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Oct. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Autodesk, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSK) today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Alias(R), a privately held developer of 3D graphics technology, for $182 million in cash. This acquisition will grow Autodesk's expertise and offerings for the design of consumer products and automotive, as well as in the media and entertainment markets. Autodesk anticipates that the transaction will close within the next four to six months. "This acquisition br... Read Full Story


PD Pro 3.5 released - painting with forcefields - 10/07/05

*** FX artist invites you to paint with force fields.Santa Clarita, California, October 6, 2005 - Dan Ritchie, author of PD Pro Digital Painter and Project Dogwaffle Paint and Animation software, announced today the availability of his newest release - PD Pro version 3.5"I'm very pleased with this release", said Ritchie, "we've worked hard for several months to add new features and improve existing ones. We've been pushing the idea of realtime filters and tools for quite a while now, because realtime is simply more intuitive. Realtime lets artist do their work not only faster, but also better. Plus, we've been able to add some fun through a Mod/Med music player (ModDog) and... Read Full Story


Hollywood - October 20th, Training - Demos - New Products - 10/08/05

Free training - Product Debuts - Meet Developers Thursday, October 20th 2005 Please RSVP to Include: Name, Company, Email, Phone & Street Address Alias - Maya 7 & Motion Builder 7, talk with Senior Application Engineers. Apple - Shake 4, meet Developers and Support Team. The Pixel Farm - Debut of PFClean (dust removal and clean-up tools), ... Read Full Story


Autodesk ships max 8 - 10/10/05

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. Read Full Story


Depth Of Field Generator PRO v2.0 - 10/12/05

Hi; This is to inform you that we have officially released v2.0 of our very successful Depth Of Field Generator PRO plugin. You'll be happy to know that this now features full animation support directly from within the filter using industry standardized sequentially padded BMP file format. Depth of Field Generator PRO v1.5 and v2.0 now feature completely new and improved highlight preservation algorithms as well as new and improved Bokeh visibility algorithms. In addition, highlight enhancement modifications will now only proportionally affect ... Read Full Story


Hyperfocal HDRI Skies - 10/14/05

Hyperfocal Design Announces Read Full Story


A52 - 10/17/05

Honda Civic is Reborn in RPA Read Full Story


Alias announces Studio Tools 13, Image Studio 3, Portfolio W - 10/18/05

Toronto, Canada - October 18, 2005 - Alias Read Full Story


V-Ray 1.5 Technology preview - 10/18/05

V-Ray 1.5 Technology preview Here are some of the recent developments for V-Ray 1.5 for 3ds Max, expected this fall. Some of these features were shown at SIGGRAPH. Thanks to Vlado for sending us this preview! Motion blur for Particle Flow systems Image-based lighting (IBL) Improved rQMC sampling Improved photon mapping Sun and sky system Dirt shader and ambient occlusion Fast SSS approximation Physically based camera Motion blur for PFlow systems V-Ray now supports motion blur for PFlow systems. The particle motion blur takes into account both particle translation and spin. Together with support for multi-segmented motion blur, this allows the render... Read Full Story


Apple Introduces Power Mac G5 Quad & Power Mac G5 Dual - 10/19/05

Apple Read Full Story


Orphanage shoots for computerized feature films - 10/19/05

From SFGate NewspaperMore evidence that digital Hollywood is not in Hollywood will come today, when the Orphanage, a San Francisco visual effects company, formally announces its new computer-animated feature film subsidiary.Orphanage Animation Studios, based for now at the Presidio, will join Lucasfilm, Pixar, PDI DreamWorks, Wild Brain and others at the forefront of using digital bits and bytes to create entertainment on the silver screen.The company plans to hire 200 to 300 people in the next nine to 12 months, and is looking for space, both elsewhere in the Presidio or possibly on the San Francisco waterfront.Mayor Gavin Newsom is expected to join company officials at the Presidio Film... Read Full Story


Apple Introduces Aperture - 10/19/05

October 19, 2005 Read Full Story


Pixologic releases Zapp Link and Displacement Exporter plugs - 10/20/05

ZBrush Displacement Exporter and Multi-DisplacementPixologic, Inc., makers of the award-winning modeling, texturing and painting application, ZBrush, today announced the release of two new plug-in, Displacement Exporter and Multi-Displacement 2.Displacement Exporter is a free plug-in for registered users that automates and enhances ZBrush Read Full Story


Golden Polygon Awards - 10/24/05

Golden Polygon 2005 - Submitt your 3D content!The Golden Polygon Awards recognize excellence in Real-time & interactive 3D contents. Awards are given in the following categories : 3D product presentation (e-commerce), Walkthrough (3D Virtual Visit), Rich Media / Entertainment, Simulation/GIS/VR/Science.Gaillac (France) 7th October 2005, The 3rd edition of the Golden Polygon Awards collects real-time 3D contents from individuals, professionals or agency. Submission ends the 31st October 2005. You can submit your 3d works in one of the 4 categories: 3D product presentation, Walkthrough, Rich Media / Entertainment, Simulation/GIS/VR/Science. You can win a full license of a Real-time 3D... Read Full Story


GroundWiz released - procedural 3d terrain map for 3ds max - 10/27/05

Gugila releases GroundWiz, procedural 3d terrain map for 3ds max. GroundWiz is all about terrain. It is a procedural 3d terrain map that can be used as a diffuse map, a bump map or for that matter, any other map type. It uses fractal algorithms to generate terrain textures and mimic real-life terrain. When you are creating terrain maps, transitions between different materials are hard to control with tools that pre-existing applications offer. Typical blending methods of mixing two or more materials don't give realistic results. That is where GroundWiz comes into action. Numerous controls give users the ability to control the look of terrain materials while seamlessly int... Read Full Story