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Auto Rig For wide range of vehicles.


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2011, 2012


VehicleAutoRig, Rigging, autorig, MayaRigging, CarRig

  • This MEL script can Rig the Basics for variety of Vehicles which has (Back/Side Doors, With/Without Bonnet/Boot) with Suspension, Tilt, Automatic Vibration/Wiper and Steering Control.
  • Working of the script:-

  • Place the  "CarPivotPosition" folder in you script directory.

    It has two files :-

            2. vechicleRigger.mel
  • Search for  "C:/Users/Prem/Documents/maya/2011x64/scripts/CarPivotPosition/" 
    in vechicleRigger.mel file and alter the path according to yours.

    Pivot Position Placement:-
  • Once the pivot position file is imported after specifying the number of doors etc, place the FR Suspension Pivot Loc at the rear axle’s center, The BK Suspension Pivot LOC at the front axels center.
  • Place the BK_End_Pivot_LOC at the rear end of the vehicle, FR_End_Pivot_LOC at the front end and TOP_End_Pivot_LOC at the top to just understand the size of the vehicle.
  • Steering should be "Y" rotation aligned. For the rest a proper pivot placement would do.
  • Delete all the Pivot_Loc that is of no use in regard to the model.

    Hierarchy Layout :-
  • Give the name of the Car and build the Scene hierarchy.

    Constraint Geometry :-
  • Now feed the corresponding geometry group in the constraint geometry panel to generate the rig.

    Final Scene output :- 
  • Once the rig is created all poly geometry will be applied polySmooth and refrenced and connected to the attribute in Transform Ctrl.
  • The attribute for auto rotation of the wheels and wiper are there on the COG ctrl. There is an engine vibration attribute too.
    Tips and Trick :-
  • The rotation of the wiper, amount of suspension and tilt could be manipulated by holding the SDK Key as you open the DAG nodes in the outliner.

    Lock SDK AnimCurve :-
  • When all the manipulation is done Lock the SDK animCurves by just pressing the respective button from its panel, so its not altered accidently during animation.