User Preferences Saver/Loader 2.1.0 (maya script)

A quicker way to backup your preferences and set them for use on multiple computers.

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{Note: As a note, while it says it only works up to 2008, these should work on any version of maya as long as you use the any_version of this script}

{Note to students at AI - Chicago. Currently the script doesn't work because in their infinite wisdom they've locked down the computers again and disabled any use of the command line. So right now it doesn't work. I'll be working on a version that will work soon. I'm not sure how I'll get around it right now, but I'm guessing I'll be using C# or something of that sort to make it work. However, that update is going to be a while as I have other projects that are taking precedence right now. But know that a fix is coming. You can always bundle up cygwin on a USB :) }

These scripts take your user preferences, including all of your scripts and shelves and either copies them to another drive or loads them from a drive you have them backed up to.

While I was attending University I got tired of having to manually go into the folders and copy my preferences over every time that I sat at a computer at school. So I took 20 minutes out of my class time and wrote these scripts and have been using them ever since.

Multiple Versions:
Within the zip you'll find two folders; One for Windows and one for OSX. I would have split them up, but creativecrash only allows one upload per script, so that's that. Here's the folder breakdown:


So which version do I use:
Well, you should use the version of maya that you're going to use. :) If you move from computer to computer and work on multiple versions of maya, you can use the any_version of the script. This version allows the user to type in the version of maya that they're using and it retrieves or sets the preferences based on that input. While it should work for any version of maya, I have only tested it down to 2008 and up to 2011. (*Note to windows users* If you're using the 64 bit version, you will need to specify the version with a -x64 at the end {eg. 2011-x64 or 2010-x64}.)
(*Note to osx users* If you're using the 2011 version and are using the any_version of the script, you have to specify the -x64 after 2011 as well {eg. 2011-x64}).

If you want to use the same preferences across multiple versions, either copy the folder that you've backed up and paste it in the location of the other script and rename it to that version number, or put both script versions and rename them (so you know which version you're using) and change the folders name when you change maya versions.

You MUST get your user preferences before you can set them on another computer. For windows users: The preferences are saved in the same location as the script you ran. For osx users: The preferences are saved to the root directory of the drive you select in a folder called prefsBackup.

License Information:
This work is licensed under the 3-clause BSD ("New BSD License") license.

The license has been included in the file as a txt file, but you are free to delete it if you wish. That does not imply that if you delete it that the license does not apply. I just know how extra stuff in my folders bugs me.

Note: I didn't want to include a license with these scripts, but unfortunately some people have been distributing it without giving me credit or modifying it to remove my information. I don't care if you use it, but don't play it off like you made it. It's a simple script and can be recreated a number of ways, so just do that and don't rip off my work.


* fixed the windows version of any_version
* updated all the windows scripts to check for the windows version since Vista and 7 now use a smart naming scheme for their folders (no spaces)
* fixed the osx version of the Maya 2011 script to reflect the -x64 attribute correctly

* original upload of the script for public use

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