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Comprehensive Set of Modeling Tools and Scatter Tools

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Dec 21, 2010 / Jul 20, 2013


Brian Keffer   More free downloads from this user See users marketplace items See this users portfolio Send a Private Message


mac, windows


2010, 2011


Ninja Dojo, Ninja mesh, scatter, maya, modeling, poly

Ninja Mesh

Feature List:

Mesh Tools
- Create primitives
- Create Deformers
- History Editor
- Attach / Detach /Extract
- Ninja Bevel
- Mirror
- Align Objects (position/rotation/scale)
- Align Position (min/avg/max)
- Corner Align
- Randomize (scale & rotation)
- Capping
- Hull Generator (boxes, planes, auto)

Spline Tools
- Create Curves
- Create Tubes from Curves
- Auto Wire (vert selection, edge selection)
- Deform Objects to Curves
- Rope Creator

Copy Tools
- Replace by last selected
- Replace by name
- Duplicate Obects to selected verts
- Duplicate Objects using extents spacing
- Duplicate Along a Curve

Scatter Tools
- Scatter Randomly
- Scatter based on vertex color (r,g,b,y,c,m)
- Ability to reposition objects to component
- Ability to re-align to normals of a component
- Randomize rotation, position, scale

1. source the script from where you downloaded it
2. run the main function Ninja_Mesh();

Ninja Mesh 3.0
1. updated translate, rotate, scale constraints so it is now context sensitive.
2. (New) Added Ninja Divide.  This will divide edges on a mesh to a certain length. Auto Divide Edges will divide your whole mesh.
    You can also divide single edge rings with Divide Edge Ring.



Image created with the scatter tool:



Opinions and Feature requests are encouraged. 


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