need for speed car game 1.0.0 (maya script)

need for speed on ground and under ground

Lg_car Zoom

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Dec 13, 2005 / Nov 15, 2011


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Do you like car-simulators ? If you do, now you can ride on car directly in your Maya.

Easy installation instruction is inside file.

Don't forget to write a highend-review to tell me what you want so I can change the game, or what is good, or what is bad!

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In file carTrack.mb you can find little track, and loop-the-loop!! Side friction of wheels in file carTrack.mb changed from 0.3 to 0.2, because in this mode you can more drifting. Guys, you can create your own tracks if you want. You just must select object polyParticles|polyParticlesParticle, than add to selection your polygonal track and run Dynamics > Particles > MakeCollide. If you create good track for this game, please left link in Reviews section. Than everybody can download your track after downloading this game!


Denis 0-1.

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