Camera and Object Positions to After Effects 1.9.6 (maya script)

Camera and Null Export to After Effects


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Feb 27, 2012 / Jul 25, 2014


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baking, objects, after effects, exporter, camera, Nulls, maya

Source the script and type 'rcExport2AE' for the Interface!

Scripts with Interface to Bake Camera and Object Positions to a compatible format that After Effects understands and imports. Allieviates the need to understand the limitations of After Effects Import of Maya Ascii files.

 Puts a Comp "CAM2AE" in AE

Bake Selected Camera
   Bakes a constrained copy of the currently selected camera to the length of the timeline for export to After Effects.
   Keeping your original camera untouched.
Bake Selected Object
   Bakes a constrained copy of the curently selected objects keeping your original objects untouched

Edit script for your location of After Effects otherwise the Manual option will allow you to choose a location for the exported file. Then import manually in After Effects.

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