as_AnimArcEditor 1.1.0 (maya script)

To edit animation in 3d view by creating the arc in the same path of animated control & update the animation after adjusting the curve as you wish.

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Dec 05, 2010 / Feb 26, 2011


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arc tracker, arc editor, motion path, animation, maya, 3d view

Purpose of Script:
This is the script, with this one can edit animation in 3d view by creating the arc in the same path of animated control & update the animation later by adjusting that arc.
If animation is there on translation, then this script is useful.
Animated control's translation & rotation attributes should be unlocked.

Copy 'as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyc' and 'as_AnimArcEditorMain.ui' both files to the following location:
C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\maya\2011\scripts

Usage of Script:
Run these commands from python window

from as_AnimArcEditorMain import *

Updates: as_AnimArcEditor_v1.1.0
1. With this version, Qt designer window is given. Qt designer needs to be installed
    Download QT Designer installer from here:
2. Now if any animation is there on rotation, It will be retrived

1. As on now it is working only on Maya 2011, since It needs PyMel.
2. It needs to be tested with Global Scaling option

If you use two versions at a time like 2009 & 2011 and python variables set to 2009, then this problem will come.
# Error: Bad magic number in C:/Documents and Settings/khlug/My Documents/maya/2011-x64/scripts\as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyc
(Note: 'Bad Magic Number' arises always due to 'Variables set to different Maya version')

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