Advanced Tween Machine LITE 0.9.1 (maya script)

Allows animators to set inbetween poses and retiming animation.


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May 24, 2012 / Aug 29, 2012


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linux, mac, windows




2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


Tween Machine, animation, inbetween, add frames, ghosts, onion skin

I hope UI is clear :)
If you have any trouble - let me know.

The script, in contrast to other similar, allows you to preview inbetweens adjustable in real time and setting keys as anticipation and overgrow.

- Completed work with Ghosts - now you can change their colors
- Script can also work only with selected channels.
- "Link with Maya" - allows to evaluate a percentage between poses (works only wiht "Tween between POSES" and non stepped animation)

-Open and working "Predict" option
-Modyfied "Key tangent - auto" option (if key has extreme min/max value, is set as "flat")
-WORKING GHOSTS (it has trouble with large skinned meshes, but WORKS :D )

Full version is still WIP.

 Some known issues :

In maya 2011< (all systems): after you click at menu bar, you have to click somewhere else to leave menu mode ( it can be part of window)
In maya 2010> (linux) : does't show window frames correctly


1. Copy script to scripts folder.
2. Run in PYTHON type script window or place in shelf following command:

import abzTweenMachine



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