jcFeather Free Version 2.8.6 (maya plugin)

Create realistic feather.Free update for one year.


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Feb 16, 2012 / Aug 09, 2014


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2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


feather, Renderman, 3delight, fur, arnold


How to install:

  1. Execute msi.
  2. Copy Maya.env content from jcfeather's installing folder to your user document Maya.env to set the right env path.
  3. Please use the Legacy viewport,not viewport 2.0. Viewport2.0 is not supported. 
  • JCFeather 2.8.5

  1. The download file is a free version 2.8.5 for Maya 2012-2015. With free version, you can create and render feathers. All features are available except that you can only create 3 jcFeather nodes and 3 jcPreFeather nodes.
  2. Commercial jcFeather license provides all new updates and new versions for free during one year after purchase. Source code of jcFeather 3Delight dso plugin is also available for customers.
  3. Please download Maya example files on site : http://www.jerrykon.com/jcFeather.html

  4. Watch video tutorials on site : http://www.jerrykon.com/jcFeatherYouTube.html    

  • What's new in 2.8.5:
  1. Render mesh with feather textures in 3delight and Arnold.
  2. Brush to paint feather's size and  direction.
  3. 3Delight dso to render feather.
  4. C++ sdk for users to dev their own plugins for any render they like.

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