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water animated displacement map. High detail - tileable - loopable


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Sep 21, 2009 / Sep 21, 2009


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water, displacement, displace, anim, animated, flow, aqua, bump, map, nature, river, sea, tileable, pool, stream, loop, boat, ship, swim, fluid, wake, float, texture, shader

Materials: no
Textures: yes
Animated: yes
Rigged: no
Includes Normal Map: no
Geometry: Polygonal
Detail Level: high
Avg Texture Res: 512


Textures (.tex, .jpg, .bmp, .etc)

This animated texture provides perfect and CORRECT bump or displacement mapping of an animated sea or river of water. Perfectly TILEABLE and LOOPABLE. Done using z-depth information, provides the right kind of height info for mapping.
NO FALSE/STUPID/FAKE map derived from photo or similar.

Usable with any software!

In images and video there is no bump map or other kind of shaders, only a gray color, for better understanding. But with ease, you can create any kind of water shader that would look perfect on that realistic animation!

The texture is 650x650 grayscale, 300 frames, loopable and tileable. 22 MB of high quality jpegs. On email request, TIFF are available (180mb! we'll use our ftp server)
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